The case studies show how we have been successfully helping clients navigate the risk and succeed in MENA region.

Due Diligence Services

This potential in MENA requires conducting strategic due diligence and background checks to make the right decisions and choices.
We at MENA Direct Ltd have been carrying out due diligence services since 2008. Our Clients are well-known international companies and consultancy firms from the UK, USA to UAE.

Entering the Libyan Market

A Libyan company named REFAQ appointed MENA DIRECT under former entity of SOC Libya to find them a British company to form a partnership. SOC Libya used its intensive network of contacts in the UK to look for a suitable partner and EXMED was identified as a highly suitable potential partner. After initial discussions in London, EXMED decided to act positively and visit Libya to research a possible partnership with REFAQ

Organising Tailor-Made Missions & Arranging Appointments & Meetings

We have managed to take companies to MENA, specifically Libya in order to provide them with a chance to have a first-hand experience about the country, culture, business climate, rules of engagement, and meet face-to-face with Libyan partners, managers, companies and officials.  We have been tasked to provide introductory meetings and appointments services for clients.

Inter-Cultural Awareness Training

Meeting, dealing, entertaining, negotiating and corresponding with colleagues, clients or people from different cultures can be challenging.
Understanding and appreciating intercultural differences ultimately helps clearer communication, breaks down barriers, builds trust, strengthens relationships, and opens tangible results in terms of business success.

Many foreign nationals and companies who live or work in Libya sometimes find it difficult to engage and deal with colleagues or locals.

We at MENA Direct, under former entity of SOC Libya, have been providing specialised training programmes and briefings to all levels of positions from junior, middle to top managers of international companies about the Libyan culture and business climate.