Conducting due diligence in MENA has not been an easy task to achieve for those who seek to enter the market as there is sometimes little available on the public domain about companies, organisations, individuals in the region etc. Sometimes it’s also extremely difficult to obtain information or collect data about any of those in some countries in the region.

From selling products or providing services to choosing potential business partners in the region, it’s imperative to know who you are dealing with. Obtaining accurate and reliable information and data on individuals, officials, companies or project is absolutely crucial for success and can make the difference between a successful or catastrophic venture.

The importance of carefully carried out due diligence is particularly significant to any foreign company or organisation wishing to do business in MENA region.
We have been active in this service since 2008 and our clients are UK, US and international firms who use our services which simply make us ahead of others.

Our track record of excellent findings make us a reliable source of information.  We have been helping clients from around the globe to make the right decisions and enabling them to cast new light on potential business partners by providing previously unknown data, facts and information.

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